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Pilkington K Glass

Pilkington 'K' Glass

pilkington "K" glass

'K' Glass is everywhere and we tend to take it for granted, yet glass technology has advanced significantly over recent years.
Your conservatory need not be freezing cold in winter or unbearably hot in the summer.
Pilkington is one of only four major glass producing companies in the world and was founded in 1826.
Pilkington 'K' Glass allows shortwave radiation (warmth from the sun) to pass through, but reflects long wave radiation (heat from your radiators) back into your homeand conservatory. One side of the glass is coated with invisible microscopic particles of metal (mainly tin oxide) that give the glass its low emissive or Low E properties.
The coated side is on the inside of the double glazed sealed unit. If all homes in the UK were re-glazed using Pilkington K Glass, total CO2 emissions would be reduced by 3%.
Pilkington K Glass won the top EU award for an eco-product in 1994 and the Queens Award for Environmental Achievement 1993.
Pilkington 'K' glass is actually warmer to the touch than ordinary glass and makes a significant contribution towards the reduction of condensation.